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Over the course of past websites, including the Myth Carmex, Glowing Myth, and the Pit, we've mostly concentrated on one game or series at a time. Which is great fun while the game is at it's peak, but a little saddening when it begins to feel its age.

As such, we're not going to be so specific anymore. If it's news to us, we'll report it, regardless of the game. It may be biting off a bit more than we can chew, but since one game usually follows the other after a healthy interval, we're up to the challenge of covering the games we've played and the games we're looking forward to play.

If you're into them all, as we are, the front page gathers up all the news we report. However, if you're a more focussed fellow and prefer to follow only one or two games, then the sections below are made with you in mind. Enjoy!

 News Coverage
 Halo News root > news > halo 
Covering Bungie's in development team based action game, this section gathers up all the Halo news into one easy to digest package and offers links to Halo specific resources at bungie.org and elsewhere around the web. Certain to heat up in coming months as Halo draws closer to release, but plenty active already.
 Oni News root > news > oni 
Devoted to Bungie's full contact action game, this section is occupied by all of the Oni and news we can gather. Since Oni is, in reality, an 'enhanced human' like the cyborg in Halo, and since the Oni team is actually now working on Halo, we've decided that you might as well just read Halo news, instead.
 Myth News root > news > myth 
We cut our teeth on Myth, and realized that biting a CD is a bad idea. What's Myth, anyway - a bunch of good guys battling a bunch of bad guys, right? Sounds like Halo to us!
 Marathon News root > news > marathon 
Everybody knows that Marathon is just a prequel for Halo - in fact, Halo was almost titled Marathon 4, until Jason Jones remembered that there WAS no Marathon 3. Besides, Marathon's over 6 years old - wouldn't you rather be reading about Halo?
 News Resources
 News Archive root > news > archive 
The news archive keeps track of all the news, past and present, that we've managed to scrounge up in our day to day business. If you've missed a few days worth of it, or are just interested in browsing through the past, dive in.
 News Search Engine root > news > search 
If you're looking for something specific, thumbing through the Archive is a terribly slow way to find it. Instead, just give the search engine a spin and see if it turns up what you're looking for--most of the time, it will. You just need to make sure you tell it the right things...
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