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 Sunday, 04.01.2001
17:01  HCC gets a redesign halo - Crux Fidelis 
Griffon, of Halo Command Central, sends word that something is afoot... nice redesign! Pax.
14:08  Halo Tech Demo released halo - Crux Fidelis 
Thanks to Nick Rolfe, who points out (on R.net's forum) that Demonews.com has gotten their hands on a Halo Tech Demo, featuring all the weapons and the first two levels. Warning - it's Direct3D only. If this works for you, go grab it! Pax.
05:08  Cat-like Covies? halo - Louis Wu 
Thanks to No7orious, who notes (on the R.net forum) that xbox.ign.com has an interview with Ed Fries, in which some issues are brought up surrounding the cultural differences between the US and Japan, and how they might affect some of the Xbox products:
An example is Halo -- in Halo, the alien creatures look sort of cat-like, and cats here are associated with lots of good things, so to have cats be the enemy is sort of a problem [laughs]. That's the kind of thing, as Americans, that we never get.
An interesting thought...
 Saturday, 03.31.2001
11:24  Latest Gamestar contains Halo article halo - Louis Wu 
Massa, of Halo Network, has grabbed a copy of Gamestar, a German gaming mag, and has passed along some interesting news. First, the movie on the cover CD is actually a combination of the first (very short) video that appeared on Microsoft's Gamestock page for a short while, plus the Gamespot video... albeit higher quality than either of the web-released versions. Second, a couple of facts that he found intriguing:
The first thing is that they mention an actual release-date for the PC version wich is set for Q2/2002, which they claim is 6 months after the release of the Xbox version. The second thing is that they claim that there will be a "Star-Wars-like Jetbike" for the Humans. That could be the equivalent for the Covenant's ghost.
Good stuff... if you can get your hands on that mag, it might be worth picking up. Thanks, Massa!
11:18  New French Halo site online halo - Louis Wu 
The Halo Times' Team sends word that another French Halo site, The Halo Times, has opened its doors. The community grows! Check 'em out.
05:06  Pillar of Autumn has a bridge halo - Louis Wu 
Thanks to Matt, who popped into our forum, and Evil Bastard, who dropped us email, for letting us know that this week's Halo Update is over at Battleground: Halo. Grenades are back, the team is bigger (an artist working on multiplayer? Cool!), and some pretty interesting scripting stuff... go check it out.
 Friday, 03.30.2001
23:32  More Gamestock audio details halo - Louis Wu 
Marty O'Donnell popped into our forum (props for realizing it was even up) to elaborate a bit on the audio for the Gamestock video. Seems the out-of-sync issues folks have noticed are not present on his copy of the film... nice to know. (We're gonna leave the Backstreet Boys comment alone, though...
07:11  Xbox tech demo halo - Crux Fidelis 
Zypper posted a pretty nice summary of an Xbox Tech Demo held on the USC campus today... definitely worth a read. Pax.
06:28  Halo in the news halo - Louis Wu 
Massa, of Halo Network, writes to say that Halo showed up on German television yesterday. RTL2, a German television station, covered it as part of an Xbox report... and it was mentioned on their web site. The web report suggests that Halo has been downgraded for the Xbox, and that the PC version will contain all the goodies originally promised... but it looks a lot like (in Massa's words) "a rumor created by journalists who do not really know what they're talking about..." We'd agree. Still, nice to see Halo making the nightly news!
05:44  New Miscellaneous Art to peruse halo - Louis Wu 
Thanks to Nate, who sent in a little bit of Photoshop fun for our Miscellaneous Art section. Opening a new day with a bang...
 Thursday, 03.29.2001
23:55  Slow day at the OK Corral halo - Louis Wu 
News? We don't need no steenkin' news...
 Wednesday, 03.28.2001
22:29  Yet More New Wallpaper halo - Louis Wu 
Razorback sends in another desktop for our Wallpaper page (our third today!)... speed kills.
22:04  New French Halo site opens halo - Louis Wu 
genohunter sends word that a new Halo clan, HELL (Halo ELite League) is open for business. It's French... but they plan on keeping up with the Halo news! Stop by and take a look.
17:13  New Halo coming in PC Gamer UK magazine? halo - Ding 
$erial-ki!!A sends word that PC Gamer UK magazine are also advertising their next edition as follows:
'We VISIT BUNGIE to get all the latest news and incredible SCREENSHOTS of this stunning tactical shooter!'
$erial-ki!!A goes on to note that PC Gamer UK got new previously unseen shots in their last feature on Halo. So we might be lucky. :)
15:07  More Wallpapers 4 U halo - Crux Fidelis 
Brian Davis sends in a second desktop image for today - same style, different colors. Check it out in our Wallpaper section. Pax.
12:41  New Halo site at scabiesbaby.com halo - Ding 
JB sends word that they have a new Halo fan site up and running at scabiesbaby.com. Go take a look.
05:11  Gamestock video on PCGUK disc halo - Louis Wu 
Griffon, of Halo Command Central, sends word that the June edition of PC Gamer UK should have the 182 MB Gamestock video on its cover DVD... if you're on a slow connection, this might be a reasonable option (it should be out by mid-may).
05:07  Banner section updated halo - Louis Wu 
LADA KING sends in a large Halo-centric banner for our Banner section... nice to see action in that quarter!
04:58  Wallpaper section updated halo - Louis Wu 
Brian Davis sends in another desktop image for our Wallpaper section - nice colors!
 Tuesday, 03.27.2001
16:24  Why PC Gaming Will Not Die halo - Crux Fidelis 
Why PC Gaming Will Not Die. The Adrenaline Vault has a featured article on the perceived threat of console gaming to PC gaming. Go put your fears to rest. Pax
06:38  More desktops for j00. halo - Ding 
More desktops for j00. darwin sends us a link to four desktops (wallpapers) he has done. They're all 1024x768. Head on over and take a look.
04:54  Random xbox links halo - Louis Wu 
Xbox news - thanks to Dave Bergendahl, who sent in a notice that xbox.ign.com covered the GDC 2001, during which Seamus Blackley confirmed that contrary to recent rumors, the Xbox is still on track for a Fall 2001 release, and to Kharn353, who sent word (via PlanetXbox) that the Xbox hard drive has been upgraded from 8 gigs to 10, and to schmiddtchen, who notes that Gamespot has an interview with Seamus Blackley.
04:43  Wallpaper section updated halo - Louis Wu 
Thanks to Tom Bertram, who sent in a new desktop for our Wallpaper page - nice combination of old and new Halo art.
02:54  Halo SETI Team 7 day stats posted halo - Louis Wu 
Dink!... Dink!... The Halo SETI Marines have dropped two more spots, despite the addition of 7 new members this week - production increased only by a slight amount. DarthFlounder accounted for more than 14% of the total team units... scary, considering that there are almost 600 members on the team. See if you're doing YOUR part on the 7 day stats page. (Stats were collected on time, yesterday morning at 7 am PST, but weren't processed until now, due to technical difficulties.)
 Monday, 03.26.2001
05:03  The rumors have started halo - Louis Wu 
The rumor mill cometh... Justin Lambert sends in notice that ps2.ign.com is reporting a rumor that the Xbox will be delayed until mid-spring of 2002... could this be real, or just sour grapes from a site that covers a rival console?
 Sunday, 03.25.2001
17:36  Joe tells it like it is halo - Wirehead 
As noted on the Marathon's Story page Joe Staten of Bungie's Cinematronics (Sin-O-MatiXXX) team dropped in on the Rampancy forums to give his two cents on the latest Unreal 2 tech demo movie. Yeah the one that looks like last year's E3 Halo movie.
03:23  Wallpaper page updated halo - Louis Wu 
Thanks to Darwin Campa, who sent in a new desktop image for our Wallpaper page. Stay tuned - there might be new images made from the hi-res stuff found on the Xbox press site.
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